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Our Orlando Spa Services

We offer several services which includes Laser Lipo, skin tightening and facelifts, butt lift, skin brightening in Orlando, Florida. Post procedural garments are also available.

Men’s Services

Laser Lipo in orlando

Body Sculpting

Skin Brightening in orlando

Skin Brightening

Butt Lift in orlando

Customized facial therapies

Skin Tightening in orlando

Lifestyle modifications

Teeth Whitening in orlando

Teeth whitening

Yoni Detox in orlando

Men’s make up


Laser Lipo

Cavitation uses ultrasound to correct excessive local fat deposits.

Benefits: noninvasive, pain free. No downtime. Fast noticeable difference!


Butt Lift

Benefits: Raises, and larges the gluteus muscles without surgeries, increases the skin flexibility, improves lymphatic flow + more.

Offering High-quality Medi spa services at affordable prices.

If you are struggling with stubborn fat deposits and are considering plastic surgery or have already had a surgical procedure, Laser Lipo and cavitation is the way to go. Delta spa Orlando is a physician owned spa and is a one stop shop for all of your needs. All services are virtually pain-free and completely noninvasive. There is no down time or recovery time needed.

Our physician leader is an experienced specialist in the medical field and is well trained in ultrasound techniques. Our expertise will not only give you results immediately, it will also encourage you to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


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